Empowering youth through athletics

Athletes Without Borders is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of initiatives that cultivate youth empowerment.  Through the efforts of our athlete mentors, community leaders, and volunteers we strive to create programs that reinforce the importance of young people making healthy decisions for today and for their tomorrows.


Our New Logo

Athletes Without Borders was in desperate need of a new logo and brand identity.  So, in March we reached out to our friends at 99Designs and kicked off a design contest...

We are really excited to introduce our new logo… finally!  Thank you to everyone involved in the process of  helping up create/design/edit... and re-edit.  And we want to offer another special thanks goes 99Designs for working with us to kick off our contest.  

We also want to offer a special...special thanks (yes, thats a double thanks) to our contest Designer, Fitri (also known as wulandaruart) for working with us and filtering all of our crazy thoughts to create our beautiful new logo!


We kicked off Tropic Bowl 7 over this past Memorial Day Weekend and it was another huge success.... More updates are coming very soon!

See our latest blog post

We plan to tackle a variety of topics in our blog postings related to current events in the news that range the Sports and S.T.E.A.M spectrum.  We also plan on sharing details and insights that we've discovered from our various programs and outreach initiatives.  To our latest post, you can take a look at our blog page here.


This spring we launched our first Hour of Coding workshop with Apple.  Our workshops are giving kids a hands-on tutorial of Apple’s Swift coding language. 

We will continue to host these workshops over the next couple of months, so if you’re interested you can add your name to our mailing list for a heads up for future events and you can also take a look at our event page here.



We are happy to announce that Athletes Without Borders is participating in the AmazonSmile Foundation program.  You can now shop on Amzon and Support AWB, click here to learn more: AWB & AmazonSmile