Athletes Without Borders - New Logo!

Today, we unveil an updated version of the Athletes Without Borders logo. A company’s brand and identity are crucial to the success of any business. For the last five years the Athletes Without Borders logo has been nothing short of excellent in representing our amazing non-profit organization.  Since 2012 our organization’s reach and impact has grown steadily and though our mission of remaining “dedicated to the development of initiatives that cultivate youth empowerment” hasn’t changed, our process in accomplishing that has evolved and given way to our newest logo as seen below.

New Logo:

Old Logo:

All great logos represent a company and convey important messages all the while being up to date with modern design trends. That is PRECISELY our new logo. It emphasizes our company’s strengths, which are rooted in the diversification and globalization of our programs as they relate to the sports industry. 

Through the efforts of our athletes, sport industry executives, mentors, community leaders, and volunteers we strive to create programs that reinforce the importance of young people making healthy decisions for today and for their tomorrows. Our new logo emphasizes our organization’s strengths and reflects our core business values, while helping us to create a memorable impact.

- Garrett Osumah